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Petworth House

Petworth house is around 5 miles from the pub and takes under ten minutes to drive 

Petworth house is located in North Chapel not far from Petworth town and Pulborough. The historic house has an outstanding art collection surrounded by a beautiful landscape park. The house is 18th century and was designed by Lancelot Brown who was an independent designer. This was the first project that he had undertaken. The house had originally been designed by George London in 1688. The house at the time had a rectilinear garden between the house and the lake. This was to be removed away by Brown and so he transported around 64,000 tons of soil, dammed a stream and made a serpentine lake which became the parks most attractive feature. Since then the estate has been enlarged and modified. The encircling tree belt was removed, the terraced mound to the north west became a flowing slope, trees and circular clumps were placed on hills, ridges and other important locations to improve the view from the house.

The park today is visited by many tourists and deer are managed in the park. The park also houses a shop and restaurant.

Tourist information

Facilities and attractions

There are excellent facilities which cater for the disabled. There is plenty to visit including the art collection in the house, the gardens and the restaurant.

Opening hours

Petworth house is open from 1st of April to the 1st of November. The house is open all week apart from Thursdays and Fridays. It is open good Friday and Fridays in July and August during the peak tourist season.


The house is located near Northchapel, in the centre of Petworth.  It is 20 miles from Worthing, 15 miles from Arundel and 25 miles from Chichester. Parking is free.

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