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Fishbourne Roman Palace

The Roman palace is around forty five minutes drive, and is approximately twenty miles from the pub.

Fishbournes' impressive remains were discovered in 1960 when a new water main cut into previously unsuspected foundations and mosaics. It was to be the most important archaeological find of the century.

Over the following nine years archaeologists uncovered a military supply base established at the time of the Roman invasion in AD43 along with civilian buildings. The palace had been build around AD75.

Visitors can see many of the remains including twenty spectacular mosaic floors in various stages of completeness.

The story of the site is explained and illustrated with pictures, diagrams, models and plans.

A superb garden is also available for the public to visit. The garden is made of English and Italian designs and plants from Italy. The potting shed remains showing where all the plants were grown before plantation.

Since 1960, excavations continue and a the remains of a large military headquarter has been found. New discoveries are being made all the time.

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