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Arundel Castle

Arundel castle is approximately 35 minutes by car and is about sixteen miles from the pub.

The castle is situated in a spacious and attractive park surrounded by a mote which is now dry. The grounds are encircled by a high flint stone wall. There is also a chapel, garden and cricket green located within the park.

Arundel castle has been built over a period of 800 years. The original part of the castle was built just after the Norman conquest in 1067. It is called the keep. The keep's purpose was to safeguard the Southern English coast, which is visible from the top. The keep made excellent accommodation for the soldiers during the period. Down below inside the keep there is a room that goes underground where food and water were stored. The soldiers would sleep down below while the others kept watch. The keep is 70 feet up on a hill. Down below is the quadrangle. To the north is located the tilting yard.

The quadrangle is surrounded by the main part of the castle which was modified many times. The last modification was made in the 18th century. The house and state apartments and private living quarters of the of the castle are open to the public.

There are two main gatehouses to the castle entrance. One is the bottom lodge and the other is called the top lodge. The top lodge gate consists of two different structures, a twin towered barbican and a massive gate-tower. The gate is scarred by cannon ball bombardments during the British Civil war. The top lodge gate consists of a large square tower and observation towers.

Tourist information

Facilities and attractions

The keep and the main parts of the castle and most of the grounds are accessible to the public. The areas that are prohibited to the public is the tilting yard, the cricket ground, stable area and the grounds to the north.

Next to the car park is the summer tea rooms which are open from June to September. The tea room features a garden and a Victorian green house. Toilets are available to the public here. Within the castle there is a restaurant and a gift shop. A range of drinks are served including snacks and meals.

Opening Hours

The opening dates are 1 April to 30 October Monday to Fridays and Sundays. Closed on good Friday and Saturday.


The castle is located in the middle of Arundel town centre next to the park. It is also 10 miles from Worthing, Chichester and Bognor Regis. Parking is free.

Ticket prices

Tickets are on sale for adults, children, families, groups and senior citizens. Senior citizens are entitled to 10% off tickets. Two children and two adults qualify as family ticket.  Facilities also cater for the disabled.  

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