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Amberley Chalk Pits Museum

Amberley chalk pits takes approximately 30 minutes by car and is about fourteen miles from the pub.

Amberley is a thirty-six acre open air museum located in the middle of the countryside. It is located not far from the Amberley railway station and is near to historic town of Arundel. The museum has working exhibits and demonstrates how science, technology and the industry in Britain have affected people's lives.

The museum first started up in 1979 to look after the industrial heritage of the South east. Today it is a very important place for research and education. Whoever visits the museum is guaranteed to have an entertaining day because there is lots to see and take part in several activities. For example there is an old vintage Double Decker bus and a railway, which take people on a tour of the museum.

The museum houses a number of important collections, supported by libraries and archives. There are also a number of craftsman who demonstrate their trade to visitors every day. The museum is nicknamed the "chalk pits" because it is located in the chalk hills of Amberley. During the summer period there is a large gathering of old cars and motorbikes on display. The range of vehicles on show date from 1700 to 1980.

There is a cafe, restaurant and small gift shop available to visitors. There are also a number of Picnic areas scattered around the museum grounds.

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